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  • Higher contaminant holding capacity than standard nominal bags

  • 95% particle removal efficiency at stated mciron rating

  • Capable of adsorbing unwanted trace oils

  • Fits into standard bag baskets & housings



3M™ 100 Series liquid filter bags are constructed of polypropylene melt blown microfibers, allowing for high particle removal efficiencies and high contaminant capture capacities. 3M Series 100 bags are offered in Size #1 and #2 configurations in grades from 1 to 34 microns (@95% PRE) and fit into standard bag filter baskets and housings.




Amine Sweetening‎ ,  Completion & Workover Fluids‎ ,  Electrodeposition Paint‎ , Electrodeposition Paint Filtration‎ ,  High Quality Paint Filtration‎ ,  Particle Reduction in Bottle Water Manufacturing‎ ,  Particle Reduction in Distilled Spirits Filtration‎ ,  Pretreatment‎ ,  Raw Material, Intermediates, & Feed Stream Filtration‎ ,  Resin Filtration‎ ,  Turbidity and Particle Control in Soft Drink Water‎ ,  Water Filtration for Beer Applications‎ ,  Water Filtration for Wine Applications‎ ,  Water Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery‎



3M™ 100 Series Filter 
3M™ 100 Series Filter Bag

Bag filters providing cost effective solutions for applications where bag filtration for water and fluids is appropriate.


PRODUCT:  Filter Cartridge | Nominal Filter Bag | High Efficiency Filter Bag


SERIES:  3M™ 100 Series | 3M™ DF Series Filter Cartridge | 3M™ Series NB Filter Bag




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