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Oil Filters
Heat Exchangers

The oil filter plays an extremely important role in cleaning oil for all kinds of machinery to keep them running smoothly. For this reason, high quality control and excellent filtration performance are sought in elements which are vital for dust control.


Since our establishment, many people support our company’s elements because of the high quality control standard exhibited by all of our filtering materials. This standard is built on cultivated know-how acquired through over half a century of experience and achievement.


Suction strainer

Suction line filter

In-line filter

Duplex filter

Return line filter

Cartridge filter


Off-line filter


Shell and tube type

Air-cooled type


Cellulose Filter Element

A widely used cellulose filter element product produced at a relatively low cost but made with the same construction and quality control as high cost products.

Wire Mesh Element

An element made from knit stainless steel wire. The best feature of the wire mesh element is it can be reused by washing. Some manufacturers use brass wire mesh but our company uses highly durable, stainless steel wire mesh in order to maximize the reuse of the elements. We have a line up of several kinds of filtration, from relatively 
coarse wire mesh, expressed in“Mesh”to fine wire mesh expressed in“micron”.

Notch Wire Element

The element inside the filter is constructed from notch wire that is made from tightly-coiled stainless steel wire. The element filters via the gaps between the stainless steel wires. The wire is also manufactured in-house and also achieves a higher filtration than wire mesh. Notch wire elements can be washed and reused in the same manner as wire mesh elements. The element also has a flat surface that makes cleaning easy.

Micro Glass Element

This filtering material maintains filtration efficiency according to the multi-pass test.A fine fiberglass is used for filtering material to balance between high porosity and fine filtration. For convenience, the name of the filter material is filter paper. 
Furthermore, since the elements are manufactured with layers of filtering material of different filtration accuracies, a long service life along with high performance is realized.

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