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With expanding poplulation and economic growth, there is a rising demand for water purifications. Puridea fulfills that need by providing products and services for cost-effective and reliable filtration services since 2006.


Puridea Pte Ltd is a distributor of 3M (Cuno), Taisei, Minntech, Filterlab, Sefilco and Sekiso purification products. We offer almost complete water filtration products that emphasize on durability and operating reliability. We also provide a full line service products from servicing, to fabrication and designing to help you get the most from your equipment.


Customers trust us with wide range of applications for industries like Pharmaceutical, F&B, Electronics, Automotives, Oil & Gas as well as general industry. We also offer disinfectant chemicals and are able to size up and provide filter housings of standard or customised sizes for our clients.


We have a team of filtration specialist to assist you. Our principal has been an influential person in the Filtration industry for over 25 years.


Puridea is your Filtration specialist that you can put 100% trust on.


We customise solutions to your ideas.

About Us
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