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•  Easily retrofits standard bag filter housings

•  Provides up to four times or more life than conventional bag filters

•  Reduces filter media rupture, contaminant by-pass and unloading

•  Simplifies filter installation, removal, and disposal

•  Reduces holdup volume by up to 67% or more



The 3M™ DF series filter system is an advanced proven alternative to the use of standard bag filters. Developed using 3M's extensive depth filtration experience, the 3M DF series filter features a true gradedporosity media structure and a 62% increase in the filter surface area. Compared to conventional felt filter bags, 3M DF series filters provide:

• Up to 4 times or more the service life

•  Superior contaminant reduction efficiency

•  Enhanced flow per filter element

•  Reduced losses associated with frequent filter change-outs (production downtime, disposal, and labor costs)


The 3M DF series filter will easily retrofit most existing bag filter housings. To take advantage of the 3M DF series system in applications where bag filter housings are currently in use, simply remove the existing bag support basket, replace it with a 3M DF series support basket, and insert the 3M DF series filter. For new installations, Puridea offers a full line of 3M DF series filter housings




 Amine Sweetening‎ ,  Completion & Workover Fluids‎ ,  Electrodeposition Paint‎ ,  Electrodeposition Paint Filtration‎ ,  Final Filtration for Particulates in Soft Drinks‎ ,  Hydrotreater Feed‎ ,  Particle Reduction in Bottle Water Manufacturing‎ ,  Particle Reduction in Distilled Spirits Filtration‎ ,  Pretreatment‎ ,  Process Cooling Water‎ ,  Raw Material, Intermediates, & Feed Stream Filtration‎ ,  Resin Filtration‎ ,  RO Protection and Prefiltration‎ ,  Trade Paint Filtration‎ ,  Turbidity and Particle Control in Soft Drink Water‎ ,  Water Filtration for Beer Applications‎ ,  Water Filtration for Wine Applications‎ ,  Water Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery‎



3M™ DF Series Filter System
Filter Cartridge Benefits
3M™ DF Series Filter Cartridge

Bag filters providing cost effective solutions for applications where bag filtration for water and fluids is appropriate.


PRODUCT:  Filter Cartridge | Nominal Filter Bag | High Efficiency Filter Bag


SERIES:  3M™ 100 Series | 3M™ DF Series Filter Cartridge | 3M™ Series NB Filter Bag




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